video art installation


A pool of blood seeps through the corners of a sterile weapon case. Workers rush to eliminate the traces of slaughter, yet the cycle between bloodshed and cleansing perpetuates. Adopting a bird’s eye view from above, we notice the digital animation unexpectedly embedded in the bottom of the weapon case. The horrendous aftermath of war is repeatedly screened in a miniscule world separate from our interference.

I created the artwork before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have themed the totalizing effect of war. Adopting an ex-army weapon case – once in military use – 24/7 examines the destructive phenomenon of war. The ongoing war crisis put my video-installation into perspective: though sympathetic to the situation, the detached spectators stood cold from the invasion of blood. Positioning the spectators in a passive standpoint to the video-installation, amplified through the physicality of the weapon case, I try to outline the dilemma between our conscience and actions.


curated by bba-gallery.com


work: Sven Windszus

photos: BBA gallery, Julia Utset

specials thanks to Can Erduman and Alex Bootz