My name is Sven Windszus. I am a Berlin-based digital artist. I love to make things move with passion for art and design. My clients range from small nonprofit to large multinational companies. Feel free to get in touch with me.



“IV. MKH Biennale“ group exhibition, Halberstadt, 02. September — 30. October 2022
“BBA Art Gallery“ solo exhibition, Berlin, 11. June — 13. August 2022
“BBA Art Prize” group exhibition, Berlin, 03. June — 19. June 2022
“DEEDS.NEWS“, Vol.1 No.6, 2022
“VEHICULO by Lodown Magazine”, issue 4, 2021
“BBA Art Prize” 1. prize winner, 2021
“BBA Art Prize” group exhibition, Berlin, 24.June — 04.July 2021
“48h Neukölln” group exhibition, Berlin, 18.June — 20.June 2021
“YICCA international contest of contemporary art” 2. prize winner “Lebensraum” 2020-2021
“Bauhaus reuse” exhibition: “the only artist”, Berlin, Jan – 01.Feb.2021
“Promax BDA” gold winner “Beethoven‘s Ninth”, best title design 2020
“Eyes & Ears Awards” gold winner “Beethoven‘s Ninth”, best lead-in 2020
“Ars Electronica .ART Gallery” group exhibition, online, 2020
“Artificial Intelligence” group exhibition, Jönköpings Läns museum, Sweden 2020
“Digital Production Magazine”, issue 6, 2019
“Eyes & Ears Award”, 2. price winner, best design package 2019
“Ostrale” exhibition: biennale for contemporary art, Dresden 2019
“Promax BDA” gold winner, “popxport” art direction & design 2019
“PAGE Magazine“, issue 04.2019
“Video Art Miden“ exhibition: archaeological museum of Messenia, Greek 2018
“GoSeeAwards”, gold winner, “CGI & Animation” 2018
“React Film Fest”, winner , “PURE WHITE” best visual effects” 2018
“Singularity Now Athens Digital Arts Festival” group exhibition, 2018
“GoSeeAwards”, project finals 2017
“Promax BDA” gold winner, “Aqui Estoy” art direction & design 2016
“Promax BDA” gold winner, “Life Links, art direction & design 2015
“NW short film Festival” winner, “Re Place” best animation 2015
“PAGE Magazine“, issue 07.2014
“German Design Award”, special mention 2013
“Eyes & Ears Award” winner 2012
“New York Festivals“, silver world medal 2010
“Eyes & Ears Award”, special price creation 2010
“New York Festivals“, silver world medal 2009
“MTV + ME, EYEKA“ winner 2008
“PAGE Magazine“, issue 11.2007
“PAGE Magazine“, issue 07.2006
“NLF Magazine“, issue vol. 1 to 8 2006
“ANIMAGO Award“, 1. price winner 2006
“SHOTS Magazine”, ’93, 2005